13 July 2009


This girl's hair warrants it's own entry. What would you call that? A rathawk? I have cut the one stray curl in the back once already and got in trouble with Daddy as he was not pleased. But it's the only spot it seems to grow. And now I am realizing you can't even see it in these photos. But trust me she has one curly rat tail in the back and that center oompa loompa tuft has become a full mohawk. Nyla and Keira had piggy tails by now... but instead of growing hair this kid is growing attitude. And Lashes. Those lashes get thicker everyday while the baby fat melts off.



e. rene said...

so pretty!!

Amy said...

Regardless of the rat tail or the oompa loompa tuft, she is still adorable!!

Makenna had the "old man" hair for what seemed like forever. She had the ring of hair around the bottom half of her head, and then it was quite long over to the right side (like a combover) and the left side had virtually nothing. And unfortunately, I could not get the girl to keep a hat on her head to save her life. lol I never could get why it grew crazy like that..maybe the way she lay in utero??

Don't worry, it'll grow and she'll probably end up with thicker hair than Nyla and Keira put together! ;)

Anonymous said...

It has been WAY too long since I saw you guys! I can't believe how HUGE she is in these pictures! I LOVE the hair. It fits her Rebel Without a Cause personality.

And, I want her eyelashes.