22 May 2009

photo friday

Nyla had kindergarten orientation today-don't they look excited?

Also, this one's hair is finally starting to grow... like an oomp loompa.


e. rene said...

oooooh i could squeeze them!

Amy said...

your girls are so adorable! I love Nyla and Keira's little poses.
Kennedy's hair is sweet! Love the little curl!

Anonymous said...

Orientation! Hopefully she wasn't the only kid without a photo family history. Kidding!


Amy said...

B, just had to comment...I think you read this blog so you may have seen it already ( http://heart-of-light.blogspot.com/ ) but she made the cutest ruffle headband and it totally made me think of you!!

Brittany said...

I DID see that! So cute, I love the bright yellow!