12 July 2009

not worth it


Nyla has started biting her finger nails. This is highly irritating and disgusting to me. But she has this look to her when she is doing it. She looks grown up, and a little nervous and a little bored, which are emotions people learn. People who aren't babies anymore. I see this and I can't seem to harp on her about it.


Sasha said...

Nailbiting aside, WOW is she beautiful! And you're right, so grown up looking!

Amy said...

Wow, that kid is beautiful! All of your girls are! And yes, she does look so grown up in the picture.

I badly bit my nails when I was a kid. My parents tried everything to get me to stop. One day, a neighbor lady promised to give me a bottle of nail polish if I quit biting and let me nails grow. Sure enough, it worked, and I've never bitten them again(except for dire circumstances - broken nail and no clipper in a 10 mile radius!).

Hopefully Nyla will stop the habit soon. Has she said "why" she likes to bite them??

B said...

Hmmm, I haven't thought to ask her why, that's a good point. That photo is really the first time I had actually seen her do it. She primarily bites while she is in bed at night waiting to fall asleep.