10 July 2009

...and by technical I mean emotional

I had some problems last week that lead me to treat some customer service representatives rather harshly. But I was under some undue stress. Because I later found out, holy cats! You mean I can go out and spend $200 on my own new fancy router in lieu of dealing with the horrid customer service team? I (sheepishly) had no idea. I thought our internet provider gave us the router. Oh well. Those are the lessons you only have to learn once.

* * *

Keira woke up a few mornings ago after a rough night. She had woken a couple of times crying and screaming but mostly out of it. (And yes, she slept in that necklace.) I asked how come she didn't sleep very well.

"I had a terrible dream" She said wide eyed.

"You did?"

"Yes. There was a MOOSE! It was walking across the trees in front of my window." (We have perfectly trimmed flat top Pyramidalis in front of their window.) I had to choke back laughter. But she grew more serious and lowers her voice. "And it was a Pink Moose."


Of course it was.

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Anonymous said...

How did I not see this pink moose blog?