30 April 2009

rhymes with poop

Once again I woke to my newsletter of Goop. The newsletters are always promoting someone else and their product which is sort of annoying in itself. Last time I posted she was slinging her friend's really creative (har har) kid friendly cook book with the cut out animal shapes.

This morning she wanted to fill me in on the "gut bombs" she has endured while trying to take her children out to a dinner they like. To help the Average Joe along she listed many restaurants that are kid friendly but serve adult fare. They are all located conveniently in New York, Los Angeles and London.

I understand it would be Impossible to send out a newsletter to the masses listing a restaurant that everyone could go to-but that is also why I think most of these newsletters are so entertainingly awful. The topics should have never been covered from that angle in the first place. She needs fire her marketing person.

I didn't even cover the newsletter from weeks ago suggesting I run out and grab a jumpsuit to be fashion forward.


e. rene said...

ha! gwenyth is a dork.

Amy said...

oh my...that is awful.
I would ask why you keep the subscription to the newsletter, but I figure it's purely for entertainment value at this point..lol

Anonymous said...

After your last post, I subscribed to the newsletter. I live by it.

You should see my collection of jumpsuits.



B said...

It is purely for entertainment and part of me still thinks one day there will be a real gem in there but far after everyone else had gotten sick of Gwyneth's shenanigans. Also I love comment's like M's. You little smart ass you.