05 May 2009

look! t-shirts.

Borrowing (okay totally stealing) {this} awesome DIY t-shirt tutorial I created five shirts for my new little nephew and hung them up as part of the decor for our non baby shower we threw last Saturday.

Photo credit: Ambrosia Girl

The hardest part of the whole thing was finding plain baby and toddler tee's. And ultimately the ones I found within my time line already got a bit fuzzy during the pre-wash requirement, so if you are up for the challenge I would really recommend the source mentioned in the tutorial: American Apparel.

I took my camera over to take photos of the set up, but I was a bit distracted with myself and the fact 50 people were coming over for the shower I had less than a week to plan, so, well, I forgot. But here is a picture of me and Kennedy! And we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

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e. rene said...

shucks!! but OMG your daugher is a model. just like mama!