19 March 2009

trying to keep an open mind

I signed up for the GOOP newsletter, the monthly scoop (of GOOP?) from Gwyneth Paltrow. It wasn't received very well which sort of intrigued me (I guess for it's trainwreck effect) but more than that I wondered: what if somewhere along the way she got better? What if there were a few real gems in there? My first one popped up in my inbox this morning. . . with recipes to make things like this:

That is the actual photo from the newsletter. I wish I was making it up. Perhaps it would have been better received in the afternoon when a day with the kids leaves you weary and making animal shaped slop for dinner seems more reasonable. I don't know. . . you?


Anonymous said...


I'm signing up.


e. rene said...

uh, i'll just eat the cow, thanks though.