18 March 2009


I first discovered boudoir photography (for real people, like you and me) last October during a wedding show. The fabulous Laurel McConnell offers what she calls "The Sexy Shoot." It is often paired with wedding packages or a mini shoot can be done while you are primping for your big day. But I thought; what a fabulous thing to do after you have had babies. I honestly can't think of anything that would make me feel more liberated and sexy. I'm thinking for our five year wedding anniversary in January I will gift the rewards of a little boudoir sesh to my husband as little reminder of how hot is wife is; the wife that gave him three beautiful baby girls.

A good photographer will know how to photograph you in a way that makes you look and feel comfortable. Your ease and confidence will show through in the images, and that's really what sexiness is all about!

I have done some research to prepare myself and found these helpful tips:

Choose someone whose work you love and who you feel comfortable with personally.

Show your photographer images from movies, magazines or websites that you think are beautiful and that embody the kind of sexy style you're going for.

On the day of your shoot wear loose fitting clothing and no tight bras or undies before hand to avoid dents and lines on your skin.

Photo shoots can take place anywhere; consider a hotel room for luxury and privacy, the photographers studio or even your own home. Choose the location you will feel most comfortable.

Pick an assortment of lingerie that makes you feel fantastic, as well as any props, sentimental items or other outfits. Consider grabbing a few items from his closet like his favorite tee, his button down shirt, or one of his ties. You may not use it all, but it's a good idea to have options with you.

Images are from Cheryl Jones whom I plan on using, her images are flirty and tasteful and her price is very reasonable if I can get in on a "marathon" session. There are photographers all over the country that specialize in this type of artistic photography but if you are in the Seattle area, Laurel and Cheryl are awesome ladies.

If you haven't been subjected to Madagascar II as often as I have, motomoto means Hot! Hot!


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