05 April 2009

pretty reflective of their personalities

All the girls were in the bath together last night and it was time to wash. We make a point of washing all the crevices. Armpits, toes, bums, bellybuttons. Sometimes imaginations run wild.

"Be careful!" Nyla warns, "I have a creature in my belly button."

"What kind of creature?"

"A pink lobster! And if you get too close she will give you kisses. Her name is Mandy and she has a purple bow in her antlers."

"You mean antenna?"

"Yes her antenna's. She has long eyelashes and pretty red lipstick."

"Yeah!" Keria ups the volume in an aggressive tone. "I have a creature too!" Pointing and shaking her finger at my face. "Mine's a CRab! And it has tattoos."

"Tattoos!" I exclaim with a laugh. "Tattoos of what?"


I nod. It all makes so much sense.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Check it out....I'm cool enough to be a Belly Button Creature!

I wish I had long eyelashes!