05 April 2009

her reputation precedes her

Last night we had a "slumber party". The girls and I went to Blockbuster and they got to choose a movie with a little help from me otherwise we would have been stuck watching Dora Saves the Snow Princess. And my husband's hatred for Dora would have been enough for him to call the whole thing off.

We ate pizza for dinner and put Little Miss (Kennedy's nickname courtesy of Nyla) to bed just a little before schedule. Then we all put on jammies, made a fort in the living room and cuddled up to watch Bambi with a bowl of popcorn. The girls were wide eyed and giggly and I didn't cry (I thought Bambi was supposed to be terribly sad).

In reality the girls only went to bed about 50 minutes later than usual but they thought it was really late. After they were asleep my husband said that our slumber party was nice.

"Yeah, I think the girls had a lot of fun." I said.

"Oh they loved it, even Keira, and she hates fun."


Anonymous said...

Keira hates fun! Bwahahahaha!


e. rene said...

your husband is funny.