03 April 2009

best game ever

The girls were being really obnoxious while I was trying to cook dinner tonight so I forced them into their room to play. "If you are going to be wild, do in in There!"

They ran in and bounced around for a bit then it all went quite. I poked my head in to see Keira playing by herself quietly but Nyla was laying on the floor with just her head under her bed. I got on my knees and laid my head on her belly. "Hey you, what are you doing under there?" She just grinned and giggled.

When Keira saw her move slightly she tromped over. "Mommy, Stop! She's being a barnacle."

"A what?"

"Bar-na-cle!" She says slower and louder pointing her miniature stick finger at me (Keira's classic angry move).

I just walked out and burst into laughter.

At dinner I asked Nyla what exactly a barnacle is and she practically gave me a dissertation on how they attach to rocks and sea creatures live in them, but when the tide goes out the sea creatures are gone and they dry up and can be sharp if you step on them and so on and so forth. Alright then. Just so we are clear. You know what a barnacle is and you were so obviously being one.

The kids are in bed now and it's been a long week and I have to work tomorrow. So I am going to go clean my kitchen, drink a glass of wine and spend the rest of my night being a barnacle.

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Anonymous said...

Only Nyla. That is the most unusual creature to mimic. A barnacle!