07 April 2009

belly button backstory

That last post? The one about the creatures living inside my children's belly buttons? I confess I may, nay, I DID cause that.

Keira has an outie. A weird gnarled knobby outie. I hope she loves it but I worry she will hate it. She already knows it's different and her favorite past time used to be sticking her itty finger in mine. I hate pokes in the belly button. So I told her I had a very small person living in mine-like a who. And that wee little person didn't like to be poked and if you weren't careful it might even take a nibble of you. So yeah. Okay. I told my three year old that I have a small person living in my belly button that will bite her if she sticks her finger in it.

What sort of fibs have you told your kids or do you remember a fib your parents told you? Did it scar you for life?


e. rene said...

yeah, it's called santa claus and when i found out he wasn't for real i cried for 2 days.

Pauline said...

My mom told me when i was little that marshmallows came from the mallow plants we had in our back yard. We could only pick them once a year, in the spring at midnight on the full moon. It was pretty disappointing when I found out that wasn't true.

B said...

Oh my goodness Pauline! That's a pretty creative fib. . . and I can totally see the disappointment.