11 August 2009

fairy light

What's better than practicing shooting in intense natural light than with a baby in a fairy costume?


Not much. Other than trying out the new red lipstick I bought. You see, I NEVER wear lipstick. For many reasons. I find that it's too high maintenance. That is, if you don't want it to look like shit. Ever. Also I like kissing, drinking and eating. I do these things frequently throughout the day. I kiss my kids and my husband. I like coffee in the morning and Cucumber Dry Soda in the afternoon. So day to day lipstick just doesn't work for me. BUT! (finally, I mean what am I blathering on about?) I am now the proud owner of this amazing curry yellow dress and I thought: Red Lipstick would be Hot (with the dress). So I bought one shade, and I wore it today because I need practice applying, reapplying, keeping my teeth clean, ect. Since it's a work day but I didn't have any meetings it was perfect because it meant minimal kissy face and no one had to see me, except for when my husband came home for a minute...




"Oh, yeah. I forgot I had it on." Bwahahahahaha.

"It's so dark. It's, um. You're not really wearing that are you?"

"Yes, I am. I am trying it out. I thought I would wear it for so and so's wedding with my yellow dress."

"Can't you pick a red that's not so dark? And maybe not so red?"

"Um, No. That's the whole point of wearing RED lipstick."

Men. They are so silly sometimes! What do you think? Red lipstick every once in awhile for special occasions, yay or nay? And if you're good maybe I'll let you pick the final shade.


e. rene said...

oh yay for sure. i want to see pics of this red lipstick so you can have a valid opinion from a fellow fashionista. muuwha!!!

Amy said...

I agree! For sure, do the red and I alwaso want to see pics!

Pamela-Atl. said...

Ooooo...red is tricky. It looks good on some people, but on others it makes them look like a hooker. Unfortunately, I know this from experience.

Amy said...

There's a perfect shade of red lipstick out there for everyone. I think red would be gorgeous with a yellow dress!