24 August 2009

the deal with the red

The difference between the reds was hands down a no brainer, I mean SO obvious. The odd thing was, photographically there was barely a discernable difference. Sorry for the teaser but I didn't want y'all to think I was crazy because it looked like there was no difference between the shades but there totally was. My hubby moaned and groaned the whole time prior asking me not to wear it and wouldn't you know it? In the ladies room at the wedding I had a woman tell me how much she was admiring my red lips and wished she could wear red lipstick... yeah, yeah there is a shade for everyone but she has had make up professionals tell her, "Sorry, I guess you just can't wear red."

You can imagine that she helped put an extra bounce in my step, but not only that it was a great wedding for two people I am so excited for.


Since I don't really have an excuse in the near future to sport red lips again I just bought a couple drug store brands. It wore really well throughout the night and I'd highly recommend it. The final pick was Prestige Fatal Red, which you can find at Target, most grocery stores and probably any drug store.


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