20 April 2009

princess for a day

After a few years and a few babies it was quite the ego boost to slide my body back into my wedding gown. It's not quite the boudoir session I originally had in mind but I think it's so much better. My wedding photographer sucked ass. And that's being nice. So Saturday I was lucky enough to nail a spot as a bridal model for a photography convention and relive a little of the fun. I spent a day in my wedding dress with an army of photographers following me. I had a little girl stop me for her own photo op because she thought I was a real princess and I almost got all teary thinking of my own daughters and their love for the movie Enchanted. And here is their crazy mother who ditched them for a day of running around the city in heels.


Abbi said...

You look beautiful! Will you post other pics too?! Looks like you had fun!

B said...

I had a blast! I will post more as they trickle in.