11 March 2009

growing up

Kennedy turned one last month, which means she is less and less like a baby. More and more like a little person who flirts, pouts and throws fits. Yesterday when Daddy came home from work and promptly scolded her for playing in the cupboards (I know better, I was actually getting dinner made without her on my hip, so what's a few loose cabinet doors?) She looked at him and frowned and ran off to lay under her big sisters bed and whimper pitifully until someone (anyone) came in to scoop her up and tell her everything was okay.

Also adorable sale items like this won't fit. Size is 6-12 months. Someone please get this, it's adorable. I need to live vicariously through your baby girl. E that means YOU.

on sale at Anthropologie



Amy said...

That is so cute! It would totally fit my 11 month old, she's a skinny minny (like her father). Unfortunately, no Anthropologie in Canada.

e. rene said...

it's no longer available! damn cute, though. i'll dress up my babydoll as much as i possibly can for ya.

e. rene said...

btw-FABULOUS header up top.