12 March 2009

house keeping

I'm Brittany, aka MDSSW. I have three daughters; Nyla is four, Keira is three and Kennedy is 13 months. I am a mommy, I run my own business, I love design, I love my family, I pretty much (on most days) love my life. I have never been in the business of pretending to be perfect, but I am making an effort to use this space positively, to help and empower women, mothers, business owners, designers, crafters, cooks and anyone else who will put up with me. So if you are a mom, or if you are a career woman, if you like to shop or cook please stay awhile, Nice Things to come.


Amy said...

B - love the new intro!! I will definitely be sticking around to see/hear what you have to say!

My baby girl's first birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I'm hoping to try and incorporate some of the awesome ideas you had for Kennedy's party into Makenna's party. I had already decided to do cupcakes for the adults and other kids, with Makenna having her own cake. I absolutely love the wrapping paper banner you made. I bought some paper a couple of weeks ago, now just have to get doing something with it, and making some letters. I don't know that I am an exacto knife expert like you are, but hopefully I can come up with some pretty letters to use for it!

Thanks for the inspiration!

Jaime said...

I have been reading your blog since the beginning. I would have been mega bummed if you stopped writing and I am stoked on your new Nice! slant. Keep it up :)

e. rene said...

sounds good b. but you have to promise that the stick-it-to-ya b isn't gone forever. you have the perfect way of saying what we're all thinking!