31 August 2009

week + end

On Thursday I took Nyla to get her first real haircut. I have always just trimmed (or hacked) her hair to the best of my ability but with the excitement of kindergarten drawing closer and closer (Finally! We have a most excellent school* to attend) it was time for a proper trim. It's pretty amazing how something as simple as a haircut can change a person's attitude-even a five year old. Her use of the word awesome is triple-fold and she refused to give me a nice kid smile to document her girly milestone. I only got sass and one eye, that is, unless I snuck my photos in.



We spent a relaxing weekend playing "gardening" and chasing moles which is really just smashing down the hills to nice flat spots of dirt.


We made a purchase to build a new home! I will be very sad to leave our gorgeous view but the real of it is-we are tight on space and the school district is really crappy all the way through middle school and it was just another of my husbands jobs that we were to live in temporarily. There is lots of paperwork still ahead and who knows when we will actually break ground but it's exciting to think about building something just for us.


e. rene said...

congrats, b!! that's exciting stuff!!

your daughter is a fox. hopefully she doesn't start using that word now too.

Anonymous said...

I give her sassy little haircut a triple-fold AWESOME!


Lynsey said...

Oh I love your yard! The haircut fits her, cute!

Amy said...

Love Nyla's trim..looks very sassy!
And as Lynsey already commented, Great yard!

We also just made a purchase to build a home, our first! We are very excited, but still a long ways off. Probably November before they break ground, and June before we move.

Congratulations on your house purchase!!