12 June 2009

week end wrap

We are lucky enough to have two Farmers Markets in town. A very busy Saturday morning one and a smaller low key one on Wednesday afternoons. I had never been to the Wednesday Market-it always slips my mind to go and this week I made a point of it. It was so enjoyable. Instead of wandering through people trying to keep track of three kids Kennedy hitched a ride with me in the pack and Nyla and Keira were able to hang out and play in the central grassy knoll.

Nyla on Wednesday at the Farmers Market.

Afterwards I walked to one of my favorite local boutiques and splurged on a new pair of jeans. Embarassingly, I haven't bought a nice pair of jeans since Keira was born. The owner hems for free if you buy a full price pair and it happened that my punch card was full so I got 25% off and still my free hem job so it was a great deal and I get to pick them up on Saturday just before my evening in Seattle visiting an old girlfriend for dinner and drinks.

As a total random aside with no segue if anyone has advice for getting Nyla's hair to stay curly for a few hours I'd welcome it. Their dance recital is next week and they are doing the whole Shirley Temple thing. Do you see that kid's hair in the photo above? Short. Straight. Fine. I have tried the pink sponge rollers on wet hair overnight which creates a slight bouncier version of the hair above. I have also tried a curling iron and an obscene amount of hairspray. Spraying prior to rolling-sizzle-spraying after rolling-cough-cough. This results in a crispier version of what you see above and she "needs" ringlets... ummm, how does one achieve that?


Sasha said...

Ha! You are talking to a cheer mom. My daughter does competitive cheer and we have had our share of cheer curls. The best product I have found to use is soft spikes: softspikecurlers dot com

If you don't want to invest in them, then buy Got2BGlued hairspray. Spray very small sections of hair with it, put a perm paper on the end, and roll it in a perm rod.

For best results, have her sleep with them in (the softspikes are MUCH more comfortable!).

The next day when you unroll, spray each curl with some Got2BBlued. Voila-curls that will last!

Anonymous said...

I'd start with volumizer or texturizer on her wet hair to help it hold anything you do after it's dry.

Amy said...

A friend of ours has two daughters in dance, and she pulled their hair back and used a very curly hair attachment (not sure where she got it, but I'm sure any Sally's or something might have them). Her girls fought having their hair and make up done before shows, and she said the curly-clip worked wonders, and saved time for her.

Good luck and glad you enjoyed the farmers market. Sounds fun!

B said...

Ah you ladies are wonderful! Keira's hair is so thick and naturally wavy it's a breeze and poor Nyla's is just limp no matter what I have tried... but we will be having some test beauty days to try your recommendations in the next week!