04 June 2009

average wednesday

On Wednesdays Nyla and Keira attend ballet. In my attempt to be more diligent about photographing the kids here is Nyla dropping her shoe on the way in, then getting sassy because I had pulled out the camera. I'm finding it pretty amazing how the mundane things are so beautiful when they are still.



Amy said...

Too cute. I love the "sassy" look!

Just curious...what kind of camera do you ahve that you can just whip out at a moments notice? We Canon and it's not super huge, but not a small one either, but I find it very cumbersome to carry around..especially in the diaper bag, and then try to pull it out in a hurry if the girl does something.

I keep telling hubby that I want to get a small one to keep in the d.b. or my purse for such occasions.

B said...

I have a old monster sony DSC-F717. The first design firm I worked for had the same one to take product shots in house so it's great but I'm looking for something a little more sleek as well!