11 May 2009

not mom bangs

Keira wanted her hair cut, "This Short!" she emphatically stated with her little hand splayed out flat just under the lobe of her ear.

"Oh Keira, your hair is so pretty."

"Waaaaaaah, I want it cut!"

I lopped off the the seven inches in the front. "There you go honey-bangs! They look great."

And all was right in the world.


e. rene said...

oh my goodness, she's looking older everyday. aaahhh!! good job mom!

B said...

Daddy asked me if I felt guilty for aging her 10 years-he said she looks closer to 13 then three!

Amy said...

oh B...she is absolutely beautiful. Like mother , like daughter!

Anonymous said...


SO cute!


Colleen said...

Even 3 year-olds want to mix it up a bit! Adorable.
Thanks for checking in.

I read back a bit and it sounds like you have some scary stuff going on. Sending positive vibes from this end. (I had a big scare when I was about 23, culposcopy, surgery... It's more than 20 years and 3 kids later so I certainly hope the best for you)
I'll check back. Take care of you!!!



Sasha said...

So very cute!!