02 April 2009

bad mommy :: exciting stuff

I wanted to write a more coherent post today but alas I am off to Seattle for work fun. . . I can give you one hint but you will have to wait until July for the unveiling. It does involve a magazine. I was telling the girls last night that I will be gone all day today something that just doesn't happen that often. I was met with pouty faces and questions. I began to explain yet again what mommy does and Keira just shouted, "You are NOT a jrafic ziner you are a mom!"

Jrafic ziner say it fast and pouty.

Keira was also kind enough to model my DIY headband for all of two seconds in the end I had to do it myself. . . this is becoming sort of my outtakes blog isn't it?

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e. rene said...

tell us! tell us! i bet it starts with M and ends with T!! (or not)

your girls are so damn hilarious