16 March 2009

lovely little headband

One rainy Saturday the girls and I hit up our local craft haunt and grabbed the supplies to make four of these adorable headbands (above) and one lovely for mommy (below) for under $30.00

Supply List

• Headbands (something like these)
• Scissors
• Hot Glue Gun
• Ribbon; at least 2 inches wide
• Faux Floral (I do not recommend anything larger than your fist)
• Additional Pretties of Your Choice (We had Guinea Feathers and Rhinestone Jewels on hand)

Measure your ribbon along the entire crest of the head band. Cut your ribbon approx. one inch longer on each end; you need the overhang for wrapping the edges.

Secure ribbon to the headband using hot glue or a strong permanent double stick adhesive. Wrap the edges and tuck the ends much like you would wrap a present. You should have a seam on the inside of the head band where the ribbon meets.

Cut the stems off your flowers as close to the base of the flower as possible without cutting the base.

We started working on our flowers off the headband. I let the girls pick feathers and arrange them how they wanted while I handled the hot gluing.

Once your flower is close to how you want it, secure it to the headband. Add your finishing touches of jewels, feathers, or other embellishments until complete.

I am going to pin my lovely into an updo with bobby pins for a wedding these weekend. I am looking forward to getting all dolled up, something I could stand to have reason to do more often.


e. rene said...

take pictures so we can see the pretty in action!

this is a great idea i think i'm going to have to do with my nieces. thanks b! these are great.

Rachel said...

These are amazing! I love the feathers.