26 March 2009

dancing with myself oh oh oh ooooughumpf

My hip hop class was SO. Much. Fun. I wouldn't qualify myself as sore today but I am feeling stiff which is great and was totally the point. I paid for six weeks last night, so onward. There was an interesting phenomenon though. After nursing three babies my boobs are 1. small and 2. deflated? Is that the proper word? And perhaps it is because I stopped nursing Kennedy relatively recently they are still, well, let's just call them sad. I have small sad boobies. And during dance last night they were subsequently sliding out from under my bra and causing my bra to shift up inside my tank top toward my chin. My boobs are so squishy and small and slippery they were falling out Under.Neath! $%&#*

Obviously I am excited about my next class but now I am also daunted with this awful new boob wrangling dilemma. The high school girl behind me with the lip ring, and the missing tooth, and the ginormous rack had no trouble keeping herself contained. I on the other hand looked like olive oil and was constantly tugging my boobs up and my bra down.


Anonymous said...


Boob issues! We all have them! You are going to have to invest in a snug sports bra to wrangle in the dangly bits!

I'm so excited for you and your dance class!


Sasha said...

I live further down the alphabet than D ... and dream of having your problem. Sigh ... The grass is always greener, isn't it?

e. rene said...

i hate high schoolers and thier ginormous racks. i just went to a wedding where all the girls were like 6 feet tall, had beautiful blonde hair and perfect bodies. i felt better about myself because they could not walk in the rediculous high heels that they were trying to sport.

i look forward to hearing more about your dance experiences and seeing video ;) video of you kicking those high school girls' ass, that is.